Meet Nate Raso, FICF, LACP, CLTC

General Agent

A Fourth Degree member of the Knights of Columbus, Nate Raso leads the Raso Agency team, handling Knights of Columbus Insurance for the State of Arizona.

Nate joined the Knights in Sandy, Utah, on May 22, 2008. He remembers the day fondly as it was shortly after his conversion to Catholicism at the Easter Vigil Mass two months prior. He was compelled to join the Knights after learning about the staggering number of community service hours logged and the profits given to charities worldwide in the name of the Church.

Soon after joining the Order, Nate was visited by his Knights field agent who introduced him to the vision of Father Michael J. McGivney, founding priest of the Knights of Columbus: Each Knight could simultaneously support the Catholic faith while supporting his family through the insurance program. This made sense to him, as it does to countless other Knights, and from that moment, Nate felt a call to begin his own ministry to support Catholic families.

As God would have it, a situation presented itself where Nate could walk away from a thriving, global business he had co-started three years earlier in soft goods, furniture and fixtures installations for hotel chains. Nate was compelled to commit his time fully to his Church and Catholic brethren and thus, began his career as a Knights of Columbus field agent in 2009.

Serving in that role until 2014, he helped approximately 1,000 Catholic families with their life insurance, retirement and long-term care needs. Something that, up until his appointment, had never happened in the LDS predominant Utah.

Nate ranked among the top 10 percent in national achievements year after year, earning him accolades from the highest in the Order, among them Carl Anderson, Knights of Columbus Supreme Knight. When the State of Arizona (recognized by the Knights as a hotbed for growth in the Catholic faith) became available for a partnership role, Nate was approached by Knights of Columbus headquarters in New Haven, Connecticut.

After some discernment and prayer with his wife, Angelina, Nate accepted the position; together, they began their Arizona adventure on July 1, 2014. Today, Nate currently manages a team of 13 agents that serve all Knights of Columbus families across Arizona, from Nogales to Page and Bullhead City to Show Low.

Nate and Angelina are filled with the Holy Spirit, knowing that the mission of Fr. McGivney to protect Catholic families and to invest ethically, is as true and relevant today as it was nearly 140 years ago.

Nate earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business from the University of Utah. He and Angelina have three children (Quiana, Mathew and Noah) and three dogs (Jack, Louie and Buddy). They reside in the Ahwatukee Foothills where they attend St Benedict Catholic Church.

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